BaoFeng UV-5R Plus UV 5R+ Dual-Band FM Ham Two-way Radio

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BaoFeng UV – 5R Portable HAM Radio

If you’ve been looking for a powerfully effective and reliable portable dual band HAM radio set up, you’d be hard-pressed to find one with all of the amazing features and a truly bargain-basement price tag like the BaoFeng UV-5R Plus. Easily one of the most affordable and powerful portable units on the market today, this compact and lightweight little unit is easy enough to manipulate regardless of your finger size, and though it has some minor quirks in the programming and communication areas, it is a fantastic solution for the price.

One of the highest and Chinese radios on the market today, BaoFeng has long been known for their incredible reliability and quality across the board with all of their radio solutions. The BaoFeng UV-5R Plus is certainly no slouch in this department, and has the kind of high quality metal components in commercial grade radio internals that you’ve been looking for.

There are number of different unique pros to ordering this BaoFeng radio, but the first and probably most important one has to be the incredibly low price tag. At well under $60, you’ve just can’t find the same range of services and technologies in any other radio on the market. There are definitely some bargain-basement solutions out there that you could invest in at prices even lower then this setup, but you’re always going to be forced to compromise quality and capability when you do that. The BaoFeng UV-5R Plus will never force you to choose between spending a few extra dollars or getting the necessary features that you’re looking for.

One of the major selling points of this BaoFeng product has to be how small and compact it is without omitting any necessary functions or features. You’ll have a three color LCD readout, a compact but amazingly effective included antenna that can hit a number of different HAM and LMS bands so long as you are licensed user, as well as incredibly wide frequency coverage for almost global communication. Combine that with the ability to listen to broadcast FM and AM stations and the included LED light, and you have a truly useful solution.

Something that stands out immediately on this radio is the fact that all of the accessory inputs on the radio have been designed to fit standard sizes. If you’ve ordered Chinese HAM radios in the past the odds are good that you’ve run into some serious issues investing in programming cables, microphones, extra and extended antennas, as well as a host of other options that you need as a HAM radio operator. Luckily, the people behind the BaoFeng UV-5R Plus have taken the time to specifically designed this radio to make sure it will adapt and extend with just about any of the standard accessories on the market today.

This is not to say that this BaoFeng offering is absolutely perfect. The fact of the matter is that there is a little bit of a choke point when scanning, there is no PTT lockout function on the keyboard, regular keyboard and input keyboard can be quite difficult to manipulate without significant practice and programming, and you will not be able to receive AM Aircraft bands. This is also not a dual receive unit but rather a dual watch BaoFeng radio, something to be aware of should you decide to move forward with this amazing HAM radio.


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